Hills and Valleys

These past few months I have been struggling with depression and anxiety. This is nothing new to me, as I was diagnosed with dysthymia (chronic depression) when I was 12 years old. Since, I’ve been on medication and done regular counseling to keep me stable and strong. Normally, I have it under control and don’t even realize I have a problem, but sometimes symptoms creep into my soul an my spirit and it’s hard to keep my head above water.

Why am I sharing this? Honestly I  have no idea. God has just put it on my heart to share a bit of my testimony while sitting here in this coffee shop looking at my schedule for next semester (which is CRAZY ya’ll. Pray for your girl)

Maybe someone is struggling with the same thing I am. Or maybe not. But I know that it has always been comforting for me to know that I’m not the only person going through something. I am not alone in my journey, and neither are you.

Recently, I’ve been struggling with self worth and being able to be alone. If I’m not constantly texting someone or hanging out with someone I automatically think everyone hates me and I have no friends. Logically, I know that’s not true, but with depression and anxiety it’s hard to sepreate what your brain knows and how your soul feels. Not only is it tough, but it’s completely exhausting mentally and emotionianlly. Honestly, I don’t know how to get these feelings to stop, but I do know that God will never give me anything that He can’t handle.

There’s a song that has really been getting me through this tough time called “Hills and Valleys,” by Tauren Wells. I’m sure most of you have heard it, but if not click here and check it out.  In this song he calls God the “God of the hills and valleys,” and shares how we are not alone. God is Lord of us and our lives when we are at our best and He is Lord of our lives and circumastances when we are at our worst. PRAISE HIM!

Because of that truth, I am here today. Ya’ll, I’ve had some very low points when fighting my depression, but God carried me through those and helped me get to the summit of the mountain. He has been faithful time and time and time again. He may not always give me what I want but I never lack in what I need.

My prayer for ya’ll is that you remember who God is, because in that you will know who you are. He lives in you.

As always, if you need prayer or want to share your testimony comments or message me!
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6 thoughts on “Hills and Valleys

  1. At first, I was going to tell you to “hang in there girl” but God wants more than that for you as His child. You are here to thrive. Keep being real. This world needs Christians who are real. Thanks for the transparency. Good will use it and you.

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  2. Someone once said that Texas sized problems are simply God sized, and you love, are living proof of that statement. You said you had no idea if there was anyone else out there going through the same, well, I’m glad you still blogged this cause it found me. Its awesome to know that even in this situation, He is still King. Thanks for being real, not most people have the courage to share what you have.

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