New Year. New Me.

In my last post I shared that I was gonna be starting a new series called “Me Time.” If you wanna know more about it please go to my following post!

It’s the New Year! We’re making resolutions, signing up for gyms, and getting ready to go back to school. This year for my “resolution” I decided that I was gonna thrive and put energy into working on myself and truly devopling my identity instead of worrying about boys and putting my energy towards a relationship.

To do this, I have to start at step one: Being able to love myself.

I’ve been debating where to start this series, but I think that the first steps to truly owning who you are and too being successful as a Christian, a women, a student, is to find your worth in yourself and Christ.

A lot of times I find myself wanting to be in a relationship because I want to feel loved, or be told I’m wanted, but that is a perversion of what a relationship is. I’ve found that no matter how many times someone calls me beautiful, tells me I’m funny, or if I get 1,000 likes on Instagram it’s all obsolete if I don’t love who I am.

If you put your worth in someone else and they leave you, you are left with nothing; but if you find your worth within yourself, no matter what happens you can stand tall and know that you are strong, beautiful, loved, and wanted.

Why do you want a relationship?

My challenge to you is to daily look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself why you are gorgeous, why you are loved, and why you are worth more than gold. I’ve started to do this and I feel like all the things people say just roll off my back because I know they are lies the devil is throwing my way.

Try looking at yourself the way God looks at you.

In the comment section, please share your ideas and the ways you are finding your worth within yourself! This will encourage others and me!

As always, if you need prayer or want to share your testimony comments or message me!

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12 thoughts on “New Year. New Me.

  1. I will try this. I find myself lacking on being amazing at anything. I will look up the scriptures and post them to my mirror on who HE SAYS I AM. As I find myself shrinking and hiding on the sidelines far too much in the past few years. I let all my discouragements hide me even more. TOMORROW is a new day and I will remember to tell myself how HE sees me. Because HIS opinion is the only one that matters anyway. Once I see myself through His eyes, I will have no fear of showing my real self.

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  2. I used to look at my face and angle it just right to find the face I’m comfortable with but I learned that God made me unique and beautiful. This perspective changed how I saw others as well. When I look at people I really see the beauty in all the parts that make them up. I’m awkward and odd and beautiful just the way God made me.😊😍

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