Because He lives I can…

Some days it’s just so hard to wake up, get out of bed and face the day. Your worries, your anxiety,  they weigh you down and your soul just feels 100 pounds heavier. I understand this feeling and empathize with it. I was at worship the other night and the theme was hymns. The last song they sang was “Because He Lives.” I have heard this song over and over at church and on the radio. I knew the words and melody by heart, but I never actually listened to them. For some reason I decided to focus on what the lyrics were saying and by the end of the song I was trying to hold back tears. The chorus goes:

“…Because He Lives

I can face tomorrow,

Because He Lives,

All fear is gone,

Because I know He holds the future

And life is worth the living just

Because He Lives!…”

Amen! Because He lives I can face tomorrow. I can get up and know I can face my trials, my hardships, my anxiety, my depression, my demons, my mountains, my pain, my troubles because HE LIVES! He is on my side slaying all that Satan brings my way. The God that created the world and the entire universe is fighting for me! Whom shall I fear? No one.

“Because I know He holds the future.” In college, all you think about is the future. You worry and get anxious over upcoming exams, internships, and careers; not to mention friendships and relationships. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming. But how awesome is it to know that God has your future taken care of. He has a plan for you that you can’t even fathom right now. And the best part is not only does He have your worldly future taken care of, but you heavenly one too. Amen! He Lives, therefore so can we.

Life is worth the living just “Because He Lives!”

I know sometimes joy is easier said than done. I hope and pray that you can find peace in knowing that the Lord of all creation loves you and chose you to be His daughter. I pray that you know that He has never left your side and that He never will. I urge that you stay in His Word and stay in relationship with Him.

There will be some hard days ahead, but the best part is that God has got you. He has got you. No matter what comes your way, it will tremble in the name of the Lord Jesus.

If you have never heard this hymn or just want to listen and worship here’s the link

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