Not of this World.

So, since coming back to school I’ve started to feel a bit lost. I love having fun and hanging out with my friends, but I also like to wake up the next morning with no regrets.

In college, drinking and getting wasted is the thing to do. There are so many people whose sole purpose on a Friday night is to get obliterated and damage their liver. But, as a Christian who wants to live a Godly life it’s so hard to not want to have fun like your peers. 

Last night while all my friends were drinking I decided not to. I told them up front that I didn’t want any alcohol and insisted on only drinking lemonade. The crazy thing was I got made fun of for it! I was considered the “prude” of the group. Here’s the craziest part -all of us were Christians . (Some people might say that my friends aren’t, but since I’m not God I’m not gonna speak for Him. We’ve all fallen short.)

This confused me because as part of the body of Christ we are called to hold each other accountable, but instead I was made fun of. 

Sometimes doing what God says and following His law is not popular or easy. You’ll definitely have to make some sacrifices along the way. But you’ll wake up the next day knowing that you are following in what the Lord wants and asks of you. And I’m telling you, it’s a reward that has no competition . 

Like and comment stories where you had to be strong in the Lord even when it wasn’t popular. Also, comment your prayer request too.


7 thoughts on “Not of this World.

  1. It would be nice if Christians spent time building up the Body instead of tearing it down, but alas this is seldom the case. I suspect there are any number of culprits beyond just being sinful, but one thing for sure appears evident in your friends. It does not look like they were raised in the Scriptures. How many people go through church in a youth group setting, but experience very little discipleship or challenges in their life to submit to the Bible. Significantly from their parents.

    Hang in there, be a good witness, and stay true. It may take some time but you just might bring some folks back to a more actively lived and evident faith.

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I recall those same feelings 39 years ago when I came to the Lord, the day before a New Year’s Eve party where the alcohol flowed. My conversion was so powerful that I did not even want to be there, so wishing them all a Happy New Year I simply walked away from the party animal scene and never had the desire to go back. I don’t know what was said about that, but it truly did not matter… Stay strong, as I know the Holy Spirit will help you to do. Blessings in our Lord Christ.

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  3. Well done. Be true to yourself. In my eyes you won a victory there. But get used to it, if you try to live a godly life in Christ, people feel threatened and meet that threat with ridicule. Be strong and think of the characters you resepct and idolise the most. Make decisions you think they would make. NEVER doubt your own judgement to follow some path that means respecting yourself and your body. Wishing you strength and the ability to act this way in the future. You know deep down what is right!! Follow that.

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  4. Hey, I feel this.
    As a Christian we ought to stand up and stand out.
    I remember when I was at the army, (in Belgium) the thing that had to be done, was drink, smoke and go with women
    Guess what I didn’t do? … yup, you got that one right … 🙂

    I paid a price for it, but eventually God raised me up. I became a trustworthy young man they would put in places they didn’t trust anyone else. I had officers come to me, sharing personal stuff.
    I was trusted by the guards and high ranking officers at our post.

    You might seem to pay a price for going along with all what they are doing, but God will raise you up eventually.

    We need to stand up for what we believe and stand out like a enlightened city 🙂

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